Art and culture Villa Manin the dream of beauty

A mansion that evokes ancient charm in a modern context and present

Art & History

the matching with the past and the present: the modern embraces the ancient

The complex Villa Manin Resort is located at the intersection of two important historical axes: the Via Postumia and the Via Claudia Augusta, the Imperial Roman roads connecting east-west and north-south. These guidelines have maintained throughout history a significant importance and have seen during the Republic of Venice the flourishing of civilization of the Venetian Villas of which Villa Manin is significant.

Villa Manin of Falzè di Trevignano is part of the extraordinary “world” made of 2400 historic villas which enoble the Venetian landscape creating a unique environment.


Dating back to the fteenth century, it has re- tained all the features of the succession of the various eras and styles.

Villa Manin allowed Doge Ludovico Manin to control and manage, a rich territory of commerce and exchanges. In the image below, the gold coin minted during the Doge Manin administration.

The whole process of restoration and reconstruction has engaged the best craft industries of the area. This choice has allowed the complete recovery of the elements and their best contextualization.


The renovation project took ve years to be assessed and completed in compliance with historic preservation. The architectural study has allowed us to combine technological comfort to the charm of the past, rediscovering examples of rare beauty such as the magni cent mullioned window in the image of this page.